Sunday, 4 December 2016

more chit chat and a bit of knitting


I'm sorry that my blogging is a little sporadic at the moment but often I really don't have a lot to tell or show.

Today I ventured out of the house, too many weekends have been spent at home recently but I didn't stay out for long. I went into town to have a look at the Christmas market but it was very busy and pretty much the same store holders as last year, and the year before etc.

The sun was very low and in the wrong place for this photo but just right for these..

I quickly visited a couple of shops, walked through the arcade and headed back to safety of my workroom.

I did pop into the crafts in the city at Waterstones, some nice pieces of glass jewellery and pottery caught my eye but there were two stalls of hand knitting and the prices made me wonder whether to ever try and sell my hats or just to give them to nice people :-) plain handwarmers at £10 per pair, not even sure how much the hats were but also I don't know how much the stall cost or even the yarn and the time taken to knit them.

Food for thought..

On the subject of knitting, Kep no 4 finished and waiting blocking,

 ( and a bobbin of texel 3/4s full)

this is tonight's homework...a basket of Jacob to prep, I didn't intend buying this in the summer, it just jumped into the car with several others!!

And on the needles....not sure what the fleece is as I inherited from Pete when he had a bit of a clear-out a couple of years ago.

Monday, 14 November 2016

a little knitting

so this is what the ryland and lleyn look like once I started knitting :-)

this one is a bit more random with the patterns :-)

Sunday, 6 November 2016

a fibre post :-)


I'm not missing in action, just a little busy and stressed with real life.

On the spinning front, I have been working through the bags of oddments, small skeins of different breeds, perfect for hat knitting.

( as usual I still need to block this one and unusually it doesn't have a home yet, I may even keep it for myself!! )

Mainly white fleece at the moment but I have started on a bag of coloured Ryland, mainly dark grey with lighter patches. Although on the wheel tonight is some Jacob lamb.

the Ryland is being sorted and processed ready for the evenings next week

quite a range of greys!

Pete, aka wikkidknitter popped round last weekend to show me nis latest fleece purchases, all really nice and squishy and I sort of gained 1/2 a mule fleece at the same time. Of course this is now hidden away especially since I had a 3 kilo box of fleece delivered in the week!!

I'm thinking of getting the dye pot out at the weekend and dyeing some of the fleece before I prep it. I've not done this for years so I'm not really sure how good my dyes are at the moment. The only way to find out is to try it (then try to wash the dye out I suppose).

I've cast on the Dorset poll lamb yarn for the inside of the next hat and I'm looking for a pattern for a smaller hat to knit as well.

It has been pointed out to me that I probably have enough spun to knit a sweater or two. I've never knitted anything other that hats, mitts and shawls. Maybe one day but it seems to be the spinning process that I really enjoy at the moment.

so, Octobers spinning total, smallish skeins, Grey Ryland, light grey Norfolk Suffolk, 2 lleyn, 2 Portland, I texel and the green is small mule that I dyed several years ago but never got round to processing. In fact a lot of these were bags left over from when we used to do a lot of spinning demos.

have a great weekend x

Monday, 24 October 2016

a few piccies for the bikers

one of my favourite bikes, we didn't manage to track down the owners so I hope they don't mind.. the bikes were part of a vintage display.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Dolphin spotting


This is probably the last post about Scotland for the time being.

Just one or two places not mentioned so far, this is Avoch harbour on the black isle.

and from here we travelled to Fortrose Cathedral and the local sticky bun shop.

From there it was down to Chanory Point which is a popular dolphin spotting area.

Here the seats and tables are engraved with dolphin motifs which I laughingly suggested would be the only dolphins that we would see.

although this plaque revealed a weirder story...

The mist kept rolling in and out, at times Fort George was visible on the other side of the estuary.

As we walked out to the point, I turned round to speak and spotted 2 dolphins diving under the waves just a few yards away! Frantic rummaging around for my camera...eventually I managed to get a shot as them swam out to see. The little blob is actually 2 adults and a juvenile dolphin swimming off. We have seen the dolphins in the past from Fort George but that time it required the binoculars.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

I never did tell you about the clootie well!

We had a day out to visit the Black Isle in Scotland, we have visited this area before and decided to retrace our steps to the clootie well. Last time was maybe 18 years ago? and we had to drive around until we could see some evidence of cloths hanging in a tree. This time it is well signposted as an attraction, there even a small car park and a very well worn track through the undergrowth.

I've found a brief story about it here on undiscovered Scotland.

The whole area is much bigger than we remembered and is now on the 'tourist' route as evidenced by a coach full of overseas visitors being there when we arrived.

Not just T shirts and socks adorned the trees, some items held messages or maybe a list of where they had visited?

The well still exists, water trickles into a stone trough and the is a plastic cup to drink from, if you dare!

Sunday, 9 October 2016

chit chat


Hubby has been away this weekend so I'm trying to empty the spare bedroom so we can get a single bed into it. This is proving to be a major challenge but it does mean that all my spinning stash has to go back in my work room and I can see clearly that spinning even a fraction of it will be a challenge!

and did you spot the interloper? Ashford Scholar #1, the day after I gave away the Kromski, this turned up on my doorstep!! It came from a friend who I hadn't seen for some time. It works but is a bit noisy for me ( the workroom is next to the bedroom, hubby works early shift so goes to bed very early) so I may pass it on to someone who wants a wheel but can't afford it.

Please excuse me, I'm watching the sky as it looks like rain and I have some skeins of yarn on the line !!
The grey pillow slip in the first picture contains all the oddments of batts and braids that I found when sorting out the large plastic boxes, the idea is to spin these up to get them out of the way and at the same time giving me some oddments for some fingerless mitts.

This will also keep me busy during the dark winter nights which are now on their way :-(

I'm getting towards the end of my hat and will be blocking that along with the croft house hat next weekend.
The skeins in the background are Ryland, Dorset poll lamb and the mystery caramel fleece, ready for the next hat.

As for the crofthouse...its destined to be a beanie as I miscalculated the stitches and missed out a pattern repeat !! but I enjoyed knitting it so will have another go.

The weird thing is I just can't get a decent photo of it!

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Scottish diaries. call that an exhibition.???

Hi,  we have often passed the sign at Spean bridge advertising the gift shop, whisky shop and weaving exhibition and I think that we visited this 20 odd years ago at werent impressed.

However, always willing to give things a second chance , we pulled in yesterday to use the toilets and look at the exhibition.  After getting over the problem of finding that the taps weren't actually attached to the sink ! We had a look in the shop and found some sheep shaped shortbread which simply had to be bought but we failed to find the exhibition until hubby looked through the windows to find that right at the back of the gift shop there was a loom set up in the corner.  That was it, still disappointed :-(

As the weather was still iffy, we had a drive round and ended up at Glen coe mountain cafe for a bite to eat. We noticed that in addition to the electric hookups for motor homes and the small camp site they now have microlodges. A bit like hobbit houses with two single beds and a double at the back. At £50 per night and sleeping four people they make an interesting alternative to camping.