Sunday, 21 October 2012

A likle inkle weaving

I've been playing on the inkle loom again, this time making wrist bands with plastic clips to put on a friend craft table next weekend. A impulse purchase of 30 balls of crochet cotton has meant that I now have a wider colour selection to play with.

On the loom at the moment...

 the collection so far....
the only problem is that I get so far with these then suddenly get the urge to do something far more complicated!!

more from Venezianische Messe 2012

Hi, a few more photos and vids. Although it was early September, the temperature was hitting the eighties and I really felt for some of these guys. They were dressed up all day and spent a lot of time posing for the cameras and wearing the masks they couldn't even grab a drink and they do it all for fun.



the entertainment was vary varied from tradional Italian folk to a Zorb act onvolving a lot of fire !


The detail on some of the costumes was amazing and reflected the hours of work put into them.

 This peacock costume even had peacock shoes !!

So I will leave you with a video, this was advertising as a balance act so I had visions of  a tightrope act or the Chinese style balancing chairs on your head sort of thing. Nothing prepared me for this !!

Again thanks to Bikerted for the film.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Why, Hello there

Seems ages since I've posted here, well a couple of weeks or so, but I've been under the influence of a virus and simply haven't had the energy to come up with the words and pictures.
I think I left promising pictures of Venezianische Messe 2012 which took place in Ludwigsburg in Germany in September, weekend of venetian style carnival, masks and music. Amazing costumes, many of which were homemade and speaking to local people it became apparent that some visitors actually bring a selection of costumes to change into.
The whole event kicked off on the Friday evening with a procession of over a thousand revellers walking through the streets from the train station to the town square.

We had a good vantage point, the local subway bar was empty and in the 1st floor:-) The crowd made its way into the square and after a prouncment by the local speech, the fun started. The first act to get under way was Teatr na Choduljach, a stilt act from Ukraine.

 Thanks to Bikerted for the video.

More photos and vids to follow, have a great weekend.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

woolly wednesday


This post may be a bit disorganised as I didn't know about Woolly Wednesday until a few hours ago! So  this is going to be a monthly round up of things woolly and is you check my side bar you will see a link to spinspiration where hopefully several bloggers will join in to share their projects and adventures. Since this is all going to happen on the first Wednesday of the month I have had to delay my post about Ludwigsburg but this may be a good thing as Bikerted is busy uploading some vids of the festival so I will be able to share the sounds as well as the sights with you.

So, what have I been up to? well I did take some knitting to Germany with us, strapped to the back of the bike with a drop spindle and an ukulele :-) Its a simple stocking stitch shawl that mainly shows off the colours of the yarn. The yarn is hand spun merino dyed by Babylonglegs purchased and spun a year or so ago. It had been sitting in my stash bag waiting for me to decide what to do with it!

An Oxford down fleece mysteriously followed me back from guild last weekend and some has now been washed, carded and is sitting ready for me to get one of the wheels out to have a good spin.

 The inkle loom has a super skinny scarf on it, merino/silk blend which may be dyed once finished.

 and the large bag on top of one if my many sewing machines is merino/baby alpaca dropped off by one of my friends at the weekend, she had promised to grab me something nice and soft and certainly did !!
I think that is possibly about it for now so I will leave you with a photo of spinners hard at work :-)

Although I suspect that, judging by the number without owners, that some of the spinners have sneaked off for a coffee!!

TTFN Guzzisue x