Sunday, 19 September 2010

I'm Back!!

Firstly, thanks for all your wonderful comments about the shop. It's going to be hard work especially for the girls running it but it's a really comfy friendly place and four of us sat knitting after a spinning session there yesterday. We had the wheels set up near the bus stop so spent a lot of time waving at bemused passengers :-)

The reason that I've been a little quiet for the last two weeks is that we had a little run out on the bike, around 2500 miles around Germany and Austria....more about this later.

Will have to dash, dyeing to do, computer ink to buy and bobbin lace equipment to pick up.
Hope you having a great weekend!

Friday, 3 September 2010

SCARY!! but nice

We all have to do scary things from time to time, get married, divorce, buying a house, having children(missed that one out). Today I signed a partnership agreement with friends Eleanor and Liese for a knitting shop, scary but exciting!

The shop knit nottingham opens at 12 tomorrow at 91 Mansfield Road, Nottingham selling wool, knitting and crochet accessories and some spinning fibres and accessories with more to come.

I will continue to work full time at my usual job and help out at the occassional workshop, Eleanor and Liese are the backbone of the company and will be running the shop etc.

The shop sign went up today and the stock is being sorted and displayed

AS I said, it's all a little scary but nice.