Sunday, 18 November 2007

Cold hands

I was sat stitching on Friday wondering why my hands were so cold when the heating was on. Then I realised that my boxes of fabric etc were all piled up against the radiator, so my fabric was all cozy toasty and I was freezing! So Saturday was spent emptying the room and reassembling the boxes so that the radiator is clear, took most of the day to sort out but now looks sort of organized but not sure how long it will last.

Anyway I uncovered a rag rug that I made a few years ago as part of City and Guilds part one creative embroidery. It is made entirely from recycled fabrics sourced mainly from the local car boot sale. All the reds,yellows and pinks are dyed cotton cot blankets.

36 inch square
closer detail

Also found my paints so this is work in progress at the moment. Acrylic on cotton waiting for inspiration!

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