Saturday, 3 November 2007


Looking for a simple design motif, I have been searching through the many photos now on stored on my computer ( a good friend transferred all the file from both our our ageing computers to the new one)
I came across this fruit in the local supermarket a few months ago and took photos as it dried out. The outer skin dries into a thick casing which is sat on the computer desk at the moment. If you knock the two halves together, they sound like the coconut halves that we used to play with at school.
Inside fruit ready to scoop out with a spoon.
I love this little flower type shape and will make it into a stamp.

Inside dried shell after the fruit has been removed


Julie said...

What an unusual fruit! I haven't seen this before.

Kerri said...

Ok - this is very neat. I have never seen the fruit before - and I wouldn't have thought about making a stamp out of it. What a neat idea. Will you post how it looks once its made into a stamp??