Wednesday, 12 December 2007

cough, sneeze, cough, cough, sneeze

By the time I got home from work last night I was only fit for bed and woke up today with a full on cold so I spent most of today in bed aahhhhhhhhhh So here is yesterdays post

Christmas gift tags completed
Postcard received from Sue Bleiweiss this morning
Time to put the kettle on and doze in front of a DVD ( no television so have to use the computer)


Sue B said...

Sue those tags are beautiful!

Nikki said...

I love the Christmas tags! I'm right there with you fighting off the cold that doesn't want to go away. If only resting wasn't so hard.

Lise said...

Beautiful tags!!Happy recovering - in time for Christmas. We are more or less deep-frozen here. Minus 10C tonight.
Regards from Oslo, Lise

clevelandgirlie said...

Sue those tags are really shimmery and pretty. Hope your cold is on the mend. Thankfully you are able to snuggle up with your favorite cup of tea and a quilt and maybe some Brad Pitt on the dvd???? Hmmmmm???

cynthia korzekwa said...