Friday, 7 December 2007

Houston inchies

Spent most of yesterday playing with the Internet, got to use youtube for the first time! and starting to catalogue my books. I did intend getting lots done this week but as usual events overtook me and I hate to turn down the chance to go out for a meal, cinema, shopping. Still it was a good break from the daily grind.
Postman called with so many envelopes that I suspect that he had been saving them up all week. Anyway, there was one with a nice USA postal label on it containing my Houston Quilt Festival plus size inchie swaps. If you recognize any of them, please let me know as only one had a name on the reverse.

I've found out that the top middle one is from Yarngoddess who has a blog called Sooner or Later
Thank you to all of you.

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