Monday, 21 January 2008

The Pink Artist

THis appeared on Girl Gone Thread Wild last week, I though it was worth participating, check out the details link.

"the pink artist"
is a community of artists joining together
to create one joint art doll to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure.
When doll is complete, it will be mailed in to Art Doll Quarterly
before finally being auctioned off on eBay at a later date.
Spread the word!
If you are a quilter, mixed-media artist, polymer clay artist,
painter, doodler, felting guru, pastel artist, doll artist, beader, collage artist,
abstract artist,stitching queen, yarn goddess, paper artist, rubber stamper,
photographer, digital junky, rusted ART connoisseur, crayon/marker
enthusiast, journal-ER, poet... you get the idea,
We need YOUR participation!

one 2x2 inch square with a cloth base using your chosen medium
in ANY way you feel inspired to do so for this project!
(ideas, but definitely not limitations might include... name of loved one,
motivational word, favorite quote, theme of LOVE, HEART, DANCE, BREASTS,
a face, an eye, a hand, a pose, a script that dances from your fingertips, a beaded symbol,
a thread embellished design, a photo, a digitally enhanced image, poetry you wrote or
a portion of a poem you LOVe, scripture, felted object (wing, heart), thick layer of
paint with rubber stamping, rusted object, a clay face...
let the THEME of LOVE inspire you). Sometimes just looking around your studio
or work space will INSPIRE you! See something sitting on your desk that you've been
wanting to use but didn't know what to do with???

Full details to be found here

Isigned up at the end of last week and will send 2 2inch squares. This is the first one.


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

ooh, it's beautiful. I love heavily detailed small pieces - so much to look at.

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

WOW! Seriously, I bow to you o' textural Queen! Your beauties arrived safely & are now dancing through our parade in anticipation. THANK YOU for your wonderful contributiions. xo, Monica

Can I live in your head just 24 hours? PLEASE?!?!