Monday, 7 January 2008

Sulky sewing machine

Why is it that when I need to do some free machine embroidery, my machine throws a dicky fit? sews fine on the border which will be trimmed off but refuses point blank to behave itself on the main part of the TIF work. It is now sulking in the corner of the room and will be there until it behaves itself ( hopefully by Thursday) while I think about ATCs with the subject Art Nouveau for Textiles Unlimited. I may have to threaten to use one of the old machines that are lurking in the next room.

This lovely warm ATC is from Annica in Sweden, isn't it great! I do love receiving work from other people, really makes my day.


Jacqui said...

I just love the idea of a sewing machine sulking in the corner with its thumb in its mouth and looking up soulfully, brilliant image!

Hope it has learn its lesson by now and doing free sewing like a babe.

Susan said...

Love the elephants...never (even in a million years) could have guessed the bike's location...and I sometimes stroke my machine and talk to it like it's one of my pet cats before switching from free-motion to using the dog-feet...perhaps, the same procedure works in reverse! (Admittedly, the sewing machine is often uncooperative even after such coaxing and I, too, resort to one of the others!)