Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Take it further challenge

Well, I sat and thought about it, finally decided to go with the first name to come into my mind, although this was probably influenced by sitting staring at the prayer flags at the bottom of the garden!!. Anyway, I chose the Dalai Lama as a starting point and went on to scribble words and ideas whilst surrounding myself with books about Tibet. I now have a starting point a rough idea of where I am heading but I have still to decide size, maybe A4 as sometimes postcard is a bit small.

Anyway, whilst we are on such an eastern subject, can anyone guess this location? Answer in a few days


Lise said...

Nepal??? (Or are you making jokes - somewhere inUK??)

bikerted said...

I know where we were! but that would be giving the game away (he he)

Linda said...

Now why didn't I think of the Dalai Lama who would epitomise the characteristics I listed. (It may have been the absence of prayer flags in the garden.... though I could fancy some).

I came to your blog via Sally's Feather on a Wire and actually wanted to say how much I liked your dolls. They made me smile - a lot.