Saturday, 2 February 2008

8th International Classic Japanese Bike Show

OK, Its about 2C and what do I get to do this morning? go to a bike show which is indoors with part of the autojumble ourdoors! It was cccold. Anyway here some photos of classic early Japanese bikes, the sort of thing I remember from the 60s/70s

Also, Ian got to play with his new camera

We did some shopping, gasket set for the GSX and binders for Tansha, the Vintage Japanese Owners Club Magazine.

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Clevelandgirlie said...

Looks like fun. I've attended my share of "bike shows" as well. We are waiting for the weather to warm up a bit here in North Carolina as it's below freezing and while we still ride on sunny days - it is a wee bit cold for longer trips. Can't wait until spring!! P.S. Where's Biker Ted?