Thursday, 28 February 2008

Take it further challenge (February)

As my original idea for TIF February seems to have turned into a slow cloth, I still felt the need to complete a piece of work by the end of Feb. So here is ' I am old enough to remember when we used to have proper snow'
Woven from scraps of lace, different waddings, embroidery threads, silk and organza on a baby loom purchased at great expense from the nearest £1 shop!!
Measures just 4inch square but helps me feel that I haven't let myself down on the challenge.


Anonymous said...

Nice weaving! I love the handmade look your piece has! Remembering snow as a child is also one of my best memories


Claire said...

Glad to see the £1 special being used. Thanks so much for the lace - it will be treasured and will be a lovely part of the dress x

Meg in Albuquerque said...

I like it, it turned out so well, the snows of winter were always fun, especially the snow days.

Lise said...

On a baby look!! I would never have thought of that - (but snow isn't my "thing" !!) Very nice work.