Sunday, 17 February 2008

Time to chill

Once again, no stitching! reason? visiting friends, oggling bikes and chilling out in their hot tub. Pure bliss.

for some reason, these 1970's bikes seem so small now!!
and this just seems to be too much bike!!
We both remember when this was the bees knees.

Played with my camera on the way home, the air was cold and very still as the sun set behind the hills


Julie said...

Fantastic sunset tonight! The photo of the power station is amazing! (Radcliffe?)

Guzzisue said...

yes, you guessed it:) not something that I,ve ever photographed before!!

Becky said...

Being from the US I thought it was a picture of nuclear reactors. It's cool in any case. Nice photos of the bikes too. Wish I had one of those 'small' bikes from the 60's or 70's. I enjoy your blog because I knit (fiber freak) and ride motorcycles.