Friday, 21 March 2008

Bank Holiday Playday

Today, Good Friday, sees the start of the Round Britain Rally and Ian together with Biker Ted were up and out early. The plan was to bag a few landmarks and attend a meeting of fellow rallyists to mark the first day of the challenge.
This left me to my own devices so I decided to have a sort through one of my cupboards to see what was hiding at the back.
First find was some pastel dyesticks and skeleton leaves, so I made some rubbings onto a piece of dyed cotton, added some batting, machine stitching ,metallic paint and voila a quiltie or postcard or ATCS, not sure which.
I really need to practise more with my machine stitching, suspect I try to stitch too fast sometimes.

I then found some old dyes that a fellow student had given me maybe 5 years ago. Rather than throw them out, I used them for some plastic bag dying for use as backgrounds and discovered that the brown dye did not work at all.
Most of the results were quite pale but I am sure that they will get used sooner or later
The silk fabric picked up the colours as lovely pastels

The only problem is that my room is even more of a mess now.!!


hippopip said...

The leaves are beautiful and such a great idea to rub over the leaves.Have you seen the book " The painted Quilt" by the Kemshalls, they do the quilting and then rub over markal sticks, or bleach to remove the colour, but I shall have a go at your method it looks lovely, Happy Easter Pippa

Guzzisue said...

Funny you should say that, although I have been using this method for a while now I have just bought the book and looking forward to playing some more!! suspect I need to live to be 159 to do all I want to do.

Muza said...

This is gorgeous. I have one paintstick here but up to now my trials with it have been disastrous. This gives me new courage

Laurence said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I spent a good moment visiting your blog. Your creations are very pretty and very interesting. I'll put your blog in my favourites to go to see it each week.