Monday, 24 March 2008

Red Marley Hill Climb 2008

OK this post is mainly for the bikers amongst you. Red Marley Hill Climb takes place on Easter Monday and last year we had a wonderful day out, sitting in the sun, watching the bikes go up and sometimes down the hill.
Today we ventured out wearing thermals, big boots, big coats with fleece lining, hats and gloves!! The Met office forecast was mainly dry, bright max 6C we got snow, hail and wind taking the temperatures down. Fortunately the snow was light and didn't settle or interfere with the racing at all.
This is the hill.
nearer the top
not everyone made it up
most of the bikes tried to defy gravity especially at this point
check out the colour of the clouds

I must admit that I am still not happy with my camera since I dropped it a few weeks ago so I will investigate the price of a new one, but today, the light was really against me at times which made things difficult. Compare and contrast with this

Nearly forgot, the reason the film in the previous post looks a bit weird is that I couldn't find the off button with my gloves on!!

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