Thursday, 27 March 2008

Wednesday, strange day.

In the morning I tend to eat my breakfast whilst reading e-mails and blogs in one room whilst Ian does the same in another room downstairs. This way we are not forever bumping into each other as we get ready for work. So when I heard doors opening and closing yesterday, I wasn't too surprised until I went down stairs and was hit by an intense smell of burnt toast and smoke. At first I thought the obvious, the toaster had jammed or something similar but no, Ian had put the wheat?filled sausage shaped pillow in the microwave as usual as he had a stiff neck and instead of heating up, it had burst into flames.
Breakfast was eaten with all the windows open, wearing heavy jumpers over our work clothes. brrrr............

You could still smell it when I got back yesterday evening but I did have a package waiting for me.

This felted bag came from Ruth who blogs as Permutations in fibre and was a giveaway on her blog a few weeks ago, aren't I the lucky one. Thanks Ruth, It really cheered me up especially since we still had the windows and door open to try and get rid of the smell.


Kiosco Salo ConcepciĆ³n said...
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Dilly said...

Mummy did sayme thing wiv choklit cayke: got choklit cayke owt ov freezer, put in microwayve, bang. Fire fire fire. Smoke. Blah.