Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Bobbin Lace

My recent posts about bobbin lace have set me thinking and I realised that it must be 10 years since I last made any lace other than the metal sample. City and Guilds Embroidery took over for seven years ( Parts one and two at evening class) and since then I have been playing mainly with stitch.
So, having promised to take a practice lace pillow to stitched up one week, I've decided to re teach myself the basics of bobbin lace. Last night I started to wind thread on 11 pairs of bobbins, found myself an easy Bucks Point pattern and literally dusted off the lace pillow which had been sat inside a cupboard for years.

Bare, dusty pillow
Pattern and do you like my pin cushion?
lets get started

do you understand this? I've noticed that I now have to wear my glasses to do this :)


Julie said...

Cute pincushion and lovely bobbins. I have a friend at Chesterfield who makes bobbin lace, her husband makes the bobbins for her (as well as making classical guitars).
Thanks for letting me know you're having photo probs today too. I'm going to have another go tomorrow on the grounds that I will throw the laptop if I try again tonight! lol

Claire said...

This all looks a tad complicated - looking forward to trying it, but kinda scared at the same time if you know what I mean!

Carol said...

My Mam's a long serving member of the Rhondda Lace makers here in the South Wales valleys and she will be so chuffed to see a bobbin lace blogger! I have watched my Mam for many a long hour, but I still don't pick it up, too much counting for me!

Anonymous said...

Counting? I make Torchon lace and dont need to count. Am I doing it wrong?