Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Take it further challenge (April)

Sharon B wrote:

There are stages in life when it is almost unacceptable to change. For instance it is often implied that it is not acceptable to change when you are middle aged and the desire for change at this stage in life is often referred to as a mid life crisis. Yet often at the same time, in the work place expensive consultants are being hired to help corporations and institutions ‘manage change’. We are expected to adapt to different work stresses and embrace change in the work place but changes our private lives is framed as bit of issue. It amuses me when people say we have to learn to live with change as change has always been part of life. As soon as we are born we start to grow in other words we start to change.

How do you see change? That is the challenge topic this month.

Once again I came up with it by using ColourLovers If you have not seen this site before and love colour do check it out as there is much colourful fun to be had over there.

when I started this challenge, I had intended to play with the concept each month but I suspect that I may struggle with this one. The colours are okish but not enough variety for me.

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