Monday, 12 May 2008

Lace and TIF

It is so nice to have a few days off work to myself, chance to unwind and catch up on the small jobs that never seem to get done at the weekend or in the evening. So far today, I've washed the pots, surfed the net, loaded the washing machine, surfed the net, put the washing out, surfed the net, made a start on the jungle (again!!)surfed the net, finished the lace bookmark and yes I'm on the net writing this post. Seems to be a recurrent theme running through the day!!
I'm not usually this bad, honest!! Anyway, here is the lace bookmark almost done.

I've also been thinking about TIF challenge for May and rereading my last post made me realise that I have listed labels for what I do , so I think I will work with that. Labels!! watch this space.

Now I'm off to find the tent and the rest of the camping kit, polish motorcycle boots etc,etc,etc


BumbleVee said... on a ride! That should be fun.

Your lace is beautiful..... those bobbins are very interesting and though I haven't a clue what you actually do with them...they would be pretty just to collect. I'm off to surf the net and find some more to look at .....

that was funny about the ducklings having a swim in your frying

Tanya said...

Your bobbin lace is fascinating. I've never "met" anyone who does this! What a interesting craft! Watching that video I can sure see how if your lost your place it would take a while to remember what you were last doing and with which bobbin!