Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Why does it always rain in Cornwall?

For the last 11 years we have attended the annual Drake MCC 'Summer Rally' eventually becoming part of this small and friendly club. The first year we went, the sun came out and shone all weekend not to be seen again until last year. Well maybe I exaggerate a little but we have had more than our fair share of riding back in heavy rain from just off the campsite to within a few miles from Nottingham ( 270 miles)

This year I had my fingers crossed but the rain started about 60 mile from home on Thursday and was more on than off until Sunday morning! Maybe it's time to trade in the bike for a boat:)

We made it down to the site in time to help put up the marque, well Ian helped whilst I played at putting up our tent. We managed to bag two Round Britain Rally landmarks on the way down. At one of the them, the old gentleman living opposite the landmark came out and offered to take Ians photo. I think he is going to have a lively summer as there are several hundred bikes competing this year and I suspect he will be offering to photograph each one.

On Friday we rode round in the rain chasing a few more landmarks which included going on a ferry, our bike loves ferries, always behaves herself. This is crossing the estuary at Fowey.

This is a sneaky shot us both of us, yes at long last you can see what we look like. This is what the best dressed bikers are wearing this summer in the UK- thermals, leathers and waterproofs- no wonder I look like the Michelin man!! The small person with us is Rufus, a fellow RBR contestant who we met up with en route.


Clevelandgirlie said...

Guzzi - what an absolutely WONDERFUL trip you went on. I wish we could trade houses for a week - you and Ian could ride our trips, and Blaise and I could ride yours. We are also going on a fabulous trip out to the Rocky Mountains -- but this time we're doing it in a four wheel drive jeep. Not quite the Harley - but with the top off -- it will be nice.

Thanks for sharing this lovely pictures and the details of your trip. Oh, and I LOVE YOUR NEW HEADER. It is so pretty!

Anonymous said...
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