Friday, 30 May 2008

Work in progress

I seem to have busy doing anything but stitch (except TIF) over the last couple of weeks so here are two pieces that I am slowly working on.

more lace


This is a sample of felt made in a washing machine. Originally this was a C&G sample but I have decided to add some hand embroidery and turn it into a postcard/atcs. Hope to post finished work in the next few days.
By the way, the fleece was purchased from a farm in Yorkshire in the early 90s for the price of a pint of beer! It was really coarse wool but made an interesting stiff felt. It caused some strange looks from the other bikers when we returned to the rally site with it and had to scrounge a bigger bag so we could strap it to the bike.


Carol said...

Love the texture of the felt and the ay the stitches just sink into the surface,

Anonymous said...

That lace is so pretty, but I LOVE the texture of the felt!

MargB said...

Your lace is wonderful