Monday, 23 June 2008

Banbury Run 2008

Sorry Ladies, I suspect this post will be of more interest to any guys who may pass this way.
On Sunday we went to the 60th Banbury Run which is an Annual Run for pre1931 motocycles
run by the Vintage Motorcycle Club. Please click photos for more detail. more photos to be on my Flickr site in the next few days. This year the event was attended by 650 vintage bikes with riders of all ages and I now have several hundred photos to edit and painful sun/windburn on my face as although it was very cool, the combination of sun and wind caught me out.

Indian Motorcycle

1923 Douglas TS
1923 Perrivale single cylinder 300 cc
1927 Scott Squirrel

early Norton
hundreds of bike lined up
1924 Triump model P 500 cc
1911 New Hudson
1913 Indian single cylinder
1915 Henderson E 1065cc


BumbleVee said...

My Grandad used to ride a Norton... I love seeing all the old bikes..

Gina E. said...

Hi Sue,
When I saw you on Stitchin' Fingers and you mentioned motorcycles on a comment somewhere, I knew straight away where your pen name came from! I rode motorbikes for 30 years and as much as I still love them, can't afford to have both car and bike. Hubby makes up for me though, he has a 1983 Honda 750 and a 2006 Suzuki GSX750. He started out with a Velocette many years ago, and has kicked himself in recent years for not hanging on to it! I'm saving your blog page here to show him as soon as he comes up from the garage!

Frances said...

reminds me of my dear dad, thanks, he had an old Rudge (sp) bought secondhand in the fourties just after the war, he built the sidecar to go on it and with many repairs it lasted well into the sixties when my mum insisted on a car....they got the Robin 3 wheeler....