Monday, 16 June 2008

Take it further challenge (June)

OK, so I found two commercial prints that have sat in my stash box for the last few years, taken design elements from old C&G work and started to stitch. The whitish fabric is soluble paper, great for drawing on and stitching the design onto the fabric.


(the design is actually square)


Tanguera said...

Oh, that looks wonderful.

MargB said...

These are fun and I lovethe designs from the previous post.

Frances said...

a good design and interesting that you revisited you c&g work, I often felt that we moved on before I had finished exploring an idea so have revisited mine too over the years, I love your outcome will you quilt it or leave as a reverese applique?
I like your charity postcard too more lovely texture,
best thoughts Frances,

Pat said...

A real "story" of what you can do with your stash.