Saturday, 23 August 2008

postal treats part two

This morning the parcel man woke me up, knocking on the door and shouting through the letter box that I had a letter from America. Well, that got me up from my sick bed, wobbling down the stairs whilst trying to look halfway decent ( at least covered up) I just love getting letters and prezzies through the post especially from bloggers who I have e-mailed over the last few months. I am slowly getting to know some of this wonderful group better and thank you for making me so welcome on the net.
Have you noticed that when you meet fellow fibre bloggers, they are just like you! talk over a coffee and it's like you've known them for years. Blogging and the associated challenges set by the likes of Sharon have filled the empty space that had previously been filled by C&G studies.
This lovely parcel was from Marie, A T-shirt (yes it fits) Quiltfest programme, Harley Davidson carrier ( thats the biker in me :-) card and the cutest pair of socks Pacific Northwest Quiltfest. Thanks Marie.


BumbleVee said...

lovely assortment of goodies....I love a surprise in the mail as well....

zquilts said...

I am so glad that it fits ---- and that you like it. I wish the post man had not awakened you though ! Get better - f a s t !!