Saturday, 9 August 2008

work in progress

Today was meant to be a tidy up the house, garden, do the washing sort of day. Well, I did try, honest!! but it started to rain at 10 this morning and hasn't really stopped. It just doesn't feel like summer at all, I shouldn't have washing drying in the house in August!!

But, my free 10 moo cards arrived this morning and they are so cute that I think I will order some more after our next trip.

I did grab a few mins on the embellisher this afternoon before falling asleep ( I call it a powernap :-))
subtle embellisher work

And this is going to be my holiday journal cover if I ever finish it.

work in progress

Ian is out grabbing a few more landmark photos on the bike so I had better think about sorting out something for him to eat when he gets back.


Genie said...

Look forward to seeing finished journal,
The weather here is as bad it hasn't stopped raining all day,

Threadspider said...

It's the lack of good light that is so depressing! But at least you can stitch with a clear(er) conscience.