Friday, 12 September 2008

Normal Service will resume ASAP

Hi, we arrived home about two hours ago feeling rather damp. It rained all the way from Dunkirk (france) to Nottingham (UK) 240 mile of rain, yuck, yuck ,yuck. Anyway, there will be photos and details in the next few days once I've done the boring stuff, washing, shopping, more washing etc. A small hint as to one of the places we visited, main tourist attractions were Chocolate, Beer and Lace!!


Susan said...

I thought I just typed out a nice comment...but somehow I messed something up. I just wanted to tell you that I loved catching up with your blog. Though I'm not on the TIF challenge, I can relate to the recent concept of BALANCE! Between CYBER FYBER, family, my "day job", and my personal art/embroidery, I find myself struggling to balance daily life! One of the things that I've had to cut back on is reading blogs. Please forgive me...but I'll return to reading regularly after CYBER FYBER. I have really enjoyed the time I spent on your blog today...especially the Celtic ATC ideas. I bought a bunch of the water soluble paper but hated everything else I did with it. Your idea seems perfectly wonderful and I plan on trying it soon. Also, thanks for the tour of the Festival of Quilts. I tried to get my elder son Mathias to go and take photos. He dances with Birmingham Royal Ballet. He'd go with me...but not without me! Also, I wanted to tell you that I recently bought a moped. Now, I know it's not a motorcycle...but in a small way I can now truly appreciate the wonderful feeling of riding out in the open on two wheels!

BumbleVee said...

mmmmmmmm..... three very good things!!

doesn't the darn rain take so much of the fun out of riding?...sigh.... of course, too much heat is about the same because it's like being in a sauna in riding gear at 40C ... ... where could we live that has perfect biking weather all year round..?

hippopip said...

Good to have you back