Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Stitching temporarily suspended, typing this with one hand as I have tendon damage to the other. Should be ok very soon but I'm still taking painkillers.
Went to watch this on Sunday, photos a little shaky as camera held mainly with one hand.

Mablethorpe sandracing Oct 2008
Mablethorpe sandracing Oct 2008


Anonymous said...

I hope your hand is better soon - what a bummer for stitching and bike riding too

BumbleVee said...

oooweee....that was fun! must have been fun to watch.... I've never see racing on anything but asphalt tracks... over here some of the guys do ice racing in the winter...have not actually witnessed that either... we used to know a girl in our archery club that raced...but never go to watch her...apparently she was fearless and won often...