Sunday, 5 October 2008

Weekend review

No stitching this weekend, too busy ! Saturday we went here :
Nottingham Goose Fair 2008
Nottingham Goose Fair 2008

Nottingham Goose Fair, then Saturday night we went to see this (Finding Nemo on Ice)
we were allowed to take photos for personal use only so I haven't uploaded any.

I spent Sunday with Claire working on material for a workshop being run at the Textile Worshop in Sherwood, Nottingham later this month. We had a great time with transfer paints and crayons but forgot to photo the results before claire took them with her.


Julie said...

Love the reflection in the mirror!

Karine said...

I was just thinking about what you wrote me how you like old fashioned roller coasters. You said you don't like going upside down.

I differ from you on this. I like going upside down. I like going fast. I like old roller coasters and new ones too!

Your photos on this post just reminded me of that. :)