Thursday, 9 October 2008

Workspace (TIF October)

Sharon suggested that we might like to post pictures of our workspace/studio/room, so here you are!!
Ok, I admit that I did tidy up a bit first, my room usually looks more chaotic than this.

The lace is progressing well, should finish it at the weekend, keep tuned

This was my Grans dinning room table, its taken quite a beating over the years but opened out fully it gives me a great sewing machine table.

A rescued office desk is home for my computer, cd player etc plus it has pull out shelves which are really useful when using the table as wellPart of my library along with Indian puppets and bags.

Some of the chaos found in plastic bags- gave me an idea for this months challenge...........My workspace is usually chaotic and out of chaos I am trying to make some sort of order. Now I don't knit but much of this bag contained strips left over from rugmaking so I found some needles and started knitting, just knit, knit, knit ( I don't do purl)
Maybe a bag? maybe add beads, patches, maybe just a hanging? small rug? what would happen if I put it under the embellisher ( suspect broken needles) for now, I think I will carry on knitting.
Just realised that what you can't see are the big boxes of fabric and threads at the other end of the room, I think I need a bigger room or a radical cull of supplies :-) Claire at Stitched Up last night suggested that we all take in a bag of materials that we no longer use and pass it on to the person sitting on the left hand side of us. Sounds like an idea because every ones stash has the fabric that you loved when you bought it but doesn't "fit" in with what you do now.


Julie said...

Funnily enough I took some pics of my workspace today for TIF. It's been depressing me because it's so chaotic but I can see I'm no different than anyone else, it must be part of the creative thing.

I do like your knitting, it's looking good. I have a similar idea to just use the scraps I've got to make something out of the chaos but I was thinking of free machinging-that's if I can get to the sewing machine.

I see you like frightening yourself with Barbara Erskine too :)

Do you know Jane Marrows? I'm going to a felt making workshop with her on Sunday at Bottesford.

Anonymous said...

its always good to see where others work. its funny i was just writing yesterday how pretty fabrics turn ugly once they hang around for a while

Lise said...

I would love to sit on your left hand side!! Thanks for sharing the photos.......

Tanguera said...

I recently changed rooms, so mine is clean. We'll see how long it lasts. I tend to be a chaotic creator as well. Can I sit on your next, next left?

That would make an interesting challenge--pass a bag of stuff around and have to create something from what we received.

Threadspider said...

I enjoyed the peek into your studio-it's always nice to glimpse creative spaces. I must tidy mine...
Thanks for the good wishes for my course.