Tuesday, 16 December 2008

challenges for 2009

I've been giving some thought to next years fibre challenges and so far I have three which is probably enough for me. In 2008 I took part in the take it further challenge run by Sharon on her blog Pintangle, great fun in spite if not being able to complete the December piece andTAST on Stitchin Fingers which I hope to rejoin in the New Year sometime.
Unfortunately a change in working hours meant that I had to drop out of unlimited textiles group.

This year I will follow Sharons Stitch Explorer with interest but will not partake, I hope to take part in some of the monthly swaps with unlimited textile and I have a brand new challenge to start in March prompted by this post on Jennys blog.

We are both lace makers, my favourite traditional lace is Bucks Point,

bucks point lace

I have only tried Bedfordshire lace once.

bedfordshire lace

We both have this book

2009 challenge

As both of my samples are around 15 years old, I need the practise. SO we have decided that in March we will start to work through this book together! A joint challenge taking part on both sides of the world!! Isn't the Internet fantastic.


Jenny said...

My pillow is out & I am desperately trying to finish the piece that is on it in readiness! Might just be easier to make a new pillow. This will be so cool!

Paula Hewitt said...

this is a great idea you and Jenny doing a challenge together - spur each other on! the second sample looks like needlewoven picots - but i guess they are the 'proper' lace ones ;).

Christiane said...

A good luck to Jenny and you for your Bucks point lessons.
I have study with a book, the french Bayeux Lace who look like the Bucks Point.