Thursday, 22 January 2009

Italian Holiday from Sketch to Stitch (part three)

Paint and stitch on fabric.
At this point I must say that if I do this again using this design, the end result would be very different but this was about 5 years ago!

My creation

c&g revisited 444

This is the closest colour match that I could get, Fuji cameras always give me a problem with red. Finished item painted, hand embroidered and beaded. Confession-it has lived in a bag at the back od a cupboard since the collage exhibition as I simply didn't like it much!!


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I just found your blog.
I am VERY impressed with your work.
I will be back again and again.

Julie said...

Shame for it to sit in the back of the cupboard. Glad you fetched it out to show here.

Karine said...

I guess I am not the only one with art hidden in the back closet, huh? I know EXACTLY what that's like. Just remember, you are your own worst critic.