Tuesday, 13 January 2009

more shiny bits

shiny fun

I think these are a bit more my style.

Today's challenge is to see if I can cope with cross stitch. I have a little project left over from several years ago to sort out so I am meeting with some like minded people this morning to sew and natter.

We are having a new carpet laid tomorrow so hopefully by the weekend I should have the shelves out of my workroom. At the moment I can't get to most of my stash and I want to sort out some fabric to put on one side to make some shopping bags once I am able to hold my rotary cutter or scissors. Also I now have extra lace pillows and bobbins ready for anyone from stitched up who would like to have a go and need to find a proper home for them.

On the cooking front, thanks to everyone who suggested a slow cooker :-) Made our first meal in one last weekend, definitely going to use it regularly, Ian and BikerTed's cooking skills are coming on a treat. They are both taking care of me wonderfully and I am very grateful.

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