Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Nolitex Textile Artists Group

Spotted this on Rarelizzies Blog so will wander over soon and have a look. If you live near Newark, (UK) you may like to check this out. Its taking place in the Spotlight Gallery at the Town Hall.
More details on Rarelizzies Blog together with a sneak preview of some of the work. I've known Liz for some time so I'm sure this exhibition will be interesting.

Having just read one of the comments, I must say that this exhibition is in Newark, England.


acereta said...

Hi, Sue, please come to my blog to receive an award. Ypu should pass it to 5 bloggers.

Barbie Thomas said...

Hmmm...seems to be nice exhibition. Im looking forward to go their


Guzzisue said...

Barbie, suspect you will have to settle for lizzies or my own accounr of this one unless you are visiting the UK soon :-)
Acereta - many thanks :-)

Julie said...

Thanks for the links to this exhibition Sue. I'll definitley make a point of going but I'll need a chaperone to get me into the lift! Last time we collared someone to take us via the staff side up the stairs and then got lost getting out again!