Monday, 30 March 2009

Credit crunch and all that

Its been a rather strange few days, firstly the warm house is taking a bit of getting used to, like not having to wear so many layers!! then I have an ongoing dispute over some Jacobs lamb fleece that I ordered on 3 March and has still not arrived. I was really hoping to use it with the cave painting felting. The dispute continues but I was given a sandwich bag of Jacobs on Saturday which went from this.

to this

to this

now needs skeining and washing.
A short session of wet felting reminded me why I have been using the embellisher recently but I have a certain project in mind for this.

A visit to a neighbour from the area of my childhood today was an eyeopener as when I was young she was just an old lady living over the road. Today I found out that the 'old lady' is now aged 89 and had been a keen member of the Embroiderers Guild in her younger days and judging by the pictures on the wall had quite a liking for gold work. Sadly arthritis has now stopped her from stitching and she was happy to pass on some of her stash to me so it can be used. We spent a pleasant morning chatting about textiles and old Nottingham lace families.

Now, this is the part where I need advice. I'm looking at possibly having an Etsy store but I'm not really sure as to what people would want to buy. Whilst I feel that my work is good enough, I need the confidence to go ahead and do it. Also any income would help support my hobby as unfortunately the credit crunch has bitten this household and my main income from my job will be needed for the necessities in life.


peahen said...

I love the natural colours of jacob too - what do you have in mind for this small amount (I have a short attention span and so am always looking for good projects which only need a small amount of yarn!)

Chrissie said...

Sue - what a nice experience with your neighbour.
I heartily recommend opening an Etsy shop, you would have some beautiful things to sell and it does help subsidise creative endeavour! There's no rhyme or reason to what people will buy. I just sold a felt nest to some nuns in Massachusetts ...

Anonymous said...

i cant help you with the etsy thing, but i have been thinking the same about the credit crunch( not sure what i could sell though). isn't funny how we catch up to all those old ladies from our childhoods...and suddenly they dont seem *that* old anymore.

Julie said...

Beautiful gifts from your 'old' neighbour. I have a small amount of Jacob's wool if you'd like it? (Not sure if I've got your address?)

neki desu said...

write me here- kangies at yahoo dot com- and i can brief you about etsy.