Sunday, 22 March 2009

Spring Spin Spun

I've finished my spring spinning sample, first attempt at spinning to a theme and adding texture. It has now been washed and stretched.

spring spin

spring spin

I also finished the goat angora ( spun at the bike camp) and Leicester curly bits ( lightly carded)


and played with wool nepps


very short piece, very time consuming!

This has been keeping me sane as we now have a new pump on the heating system and a new radiator but the boiler is now refusing to work. I'm getting a little p*****d off with this and I suspect when the insurance people come in to decorate they will find more problems requiring more money!!!


Threadspider said...

Oooooh that green blend is lovely! Just think-if you start spinning now you could have enough to make a sweater by..autumn?
I so hope your heating system is fixed soon-it has been a long time out of action in a cold month.

Murgelchen94 said...

The green is spectacular, wonderful.


Paula Hewitt said...

the green is marvellous - the flecks of other colours 'make it'! i hope you get all repairs sorted soon.

Jackie said...

Gorgeous yarns.
Watch out with th einsurance..we just got a new carpet on ours and the premiun has almost doubled.

Wanda said...

This is fascinating. thank you for opening my eyes to things I never really gave much thought to. Thank you also for you email about bobbin lace. I definitely have that on my "next thing to do" list!