Friday, 10 April 2009

Doodle Postcard and ATC

I promised Laura an ATC swap last month and must confess that I have only just got round to it after being in such a mess with the workmen etc .

So Laura, please pick your card :-)

doodle postcards and ATCs

If anyone else would like to trade, I'm open to offers.

doodle atc

doodle atc

doodle postcard

You never know what I may doodle next!!


verobirdie said...

I'd say it was worth the wait, they are beautiful.

Jackie said...

Those are such a lovely idea.

laura_rose said...

Hi Sue,
I agree, they are beautiful :) The top one is crying "pick me, pick me" I may get a post with my new ones later today or tomorrow...

Would you be interested in a round robin type exchange?...I am looking for 5 more people to participate :) More info via email if you are interested.

Wanda said...

This are lovely! I don't actually trade postcards or ATC but love looking at them!

Julie said...

Lovely ATCs Sue. I haven't anything to trade at the moment but if you don't mind a wait I'd be happy to trade for any.

Thank you for the link re the embossed lace. I'll get round to adding it to my blog.

JaneB said...

It would be nice to trade ATCs but I am just off to Marrakesh for a few days. Loved your pics on the pumping station, my partner is a steamer so I think we might be visiting at sometime in the future.
I will bookmark you so I can return for a longer browse at a later date.