Wednesday, 8 April 2009

having a tidy up...... Warning, long Post

I had a good day out with my sister on Friday, all good intentions of buying new shoes for work disappeared as I found a pair of jeans instead. Lunch was at our favourite Chinese buffet restaurant where we gossipped and put the world to rights.

Life is a bit strange at the moment as we are both at home all day and It's taking a bit of getting used to! still, I return to work next week ( which should be interesting) as the physio is happy with my progress to date although I seem to have developed trigger finger! amongst other annoying side effects ( yes, me too, how did I get trigger finger??)

Ok, what have I been doing since? Well I've had my lace head on for the last few days, for me its a little like retreating to knit, you know the stitches and it's a repetitive process, soothing. I also found time to visit the local Embroiderers guild and catch up with the gossip.

bobbin lace

bobbin lace

I've also had to sort this out

To resemble this so I can get to shorten both mine and Ian's jeans

I received this in the post and was gifted some Jacobs fleece to play with as well.

Yesterday I met Julie in town and we had a day out, checking out the castle, the Lace Market ( Buildings not stalls) and one of our many pubs. Julie has blogged more photos, see here
We had a great time and hope to get together again soon.

Nearly forgot....concrete lace on the panels of the Contemporary Art Centre being built in Nottingham

concrete lace


Julie said...

Have you actually tidied your workspace since yesterday or is that just what you're aiming for? I'm very impressed if you've actually cleared enough space to work. ;o)

Guzzisue said...

I had moved the big shelves out already, the rest took me a couple of hours this morning, needed enough room to lie the jeans flat on the floor to turn them up!! 3 pairs of Ians jeans which have been lying around for several weeks now sit in a tidy pile on the bed. I just hope that I got the legs the same length or he will have to walk lopsided until they wear out!!

Clare W said...

Love your colourful lace particularly and your pictures have made me yearn for Nottingham. We used to live at Thurgarton near Southwell and I miss it so... x

Maia said...

My workspace is half as many space as your workspace.
And it's always messy. :o
I'm glad I could see your bobbin lace. :)

TattingChic said...

LOL! I have no work space so my living room looks like that right now! GASP!!! Did I just say that "out loud"! LOL!
Have fun tidying up! That is what I plan to do this coming week-end! It's my Easter prezzy to myself! :)