Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Busy Life

What with two bike rallies and a long weekend, any form of fibre craft has had to take a back seat for the time being. However I have been keeping some knitting in my bag and sat quietly knitting ( knit a row, knit a row etc ) at a celeih yesterday.
Now I don't think this will be a scarf but I do fancy adding some black felted flowers just to see what it looks like. ( yarn was spun on a drop spindle)

My blogging will probably be a bit erratic for the next few weeks but I will be around somewhere. Thanks for dropping by and have a good week.


Maia said...

Hi, Sue.
It's great! really exciting!
I hope to visit UK and I want to watch your rally someday.
Do take care of yourself.


Fab yarn. Can't wait to get a drop spindle. The yearning is growing so I will definitely get one (one way or another!). Love the scarf and the idea of the black felt flowers

Have a good time whatever you're doing! x

Wanda said...

Have fun! We'll be here when you have time to post...and looking forward to more knitting pics as well!

BumbleVee said...

have fun out there Guzzi.... don't miss any of the good weather ...and try to miss the rain....

Clevelandgirlie said...

Hi Sue. Are you sitting down? Guess what finally came? Yep - the stitch magazines. Can you believe it took so long???? I am sickened by the slacking of the postal service. Good thing I wasn't waiting for medicine!!
I'd be dead.
What a sweetheart you are for sending those to me. I will be sending YOU something in the future. I really appreciate your kindness.

Julie said...

Enjoy yourself Sue! Plenty of time to blog in the winter :o)

karen said...

love the idea of you knitting at a celeih! I once went to a rock concert and there was a woman sitting in the row in front knitting...wasn't you was it?

Guzzisue said...

thanks for you comments, I will be stitching but really have to destash and sort out things.
Karen - I'm not the knitter from the rock concert, just the spinner from the biker rally :-)
Cathie - so glad you got them!!
Love Stitching- yes, get that spindle !!

Weird said...

Great yarn! It looks so soft and snuggly... I think felted flowers would look gorgeous - and I want to see a picture when you're done ;-)