Sunday, 10 May 2009

got there, eventually !!!

In need of a night out, we had booked to go to the Last Drop Rally early Saturday afternoon with the intention of meeting with our club chairman to finalise things for next weekend ( Armada Rally) and enjoying a few drinks.

Plans were sabotaged by the bike dumping the engine oil very quickly all over the bike and road a short way from home, fortunately no one was injured and a quick phone call was made to Saddlesore MCC who were organising the rally. At most of the rallies we attend there is a strict no bike-no entrance policy unless arrangements have been made with the club to attend in a car so a big thank you for letting us sling the bags and tent straight in the Skoda. ( after Ian mopped up the oil pool, twice!)

We missed Robbie but about 15 mins but were able to put our tent up in his spot and head for the bar.

Put any number of bikers with any quantity of beer and great silliness erupts including how do you eat the marshmallows hanging from your hat with your hand clasped behind your back?

Also had fun with bursting balloons , all big kids at heart.

The moon came out for us.

The banks of the river Severn proved to be the perfect site to pitch our tents.

A Big thank you to Saddlesore for organising this one, if you are reading this - see you in Cornwall next weekend :-)

And, Yes, I did take my drop spindle with me!!


Anonymous said...

so... how did you find spinning under the influence? :) Something I must try sometime soon!

Glad you had a nice time - I used to live very close to the banks of the River Severn so seeing your picture brought back a few memories!


Sally H said...

Marshmallows tied to the rim of your hat - genius game! Must try that with the kids at school! Feel free to pop round at some point - give us a ring first, and don't forget you wanted to stamp some seed heads to sew xxx

Fannie said...

fun post, especially the marshmallows! thanks for sharing.

Diane said...

Looks like a lot of fun was had ^_^