Friday, 24 July 2009

Nottingham by the Sea

or a big pile of sand in the square! I have to admit that they have done a good job and it was certainly very busy when I wondered down yesterday. Sort of gave this city of ours a sunny feel that you don't normally find here. Since they rehashed the market square a couple of years ago, they are now beginning to discover its potential as an entertainment venue. We have had music concerts, a big wheel, ice skating rink ( the scene of my downfall) and the fountains have a constant stream of kids playing in them as soon as the weather warms up.

nottingham by the sea 007

putting it all together

nottingham by the sea 012

the scene yesterday


ingermaaike said...

It looks very sunny and holiday like :-D

Laura Neal said...

Beautiful weather! Looks all summery and fun.

Anonymous said...

whats that weird blue stuff in the sky? did they import the weather, too?

Wanda said... almost doesn't look real! All the colors and the mix of things....I think one could explore and look for hours! Great fun