Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Spell Book ?

not quite, each year I keep a holiday journal and since we will be heading north of the border, a celtic feel seemed to be appropriate.

Please excuse the dodgy photos but velvet seems to confuse my camera. The finished book is sort of darker blue than the photos.

book cover wip

making braids to fasten journal

holiday journal 2009size A5


Murgelchen94 said...

Wonderful color! I love it.

Yes, it is Köln.

Laura Neal said...

That is so cool! Very nice!

Annica said...

Looks great! Enjoy your holiday!

Woolly Bits said...

gorgeous - I would never dream of going to such length to cover a diary of mine (giving one away would be something different entirely - what was it about the shoemaker with the ugly shoes?:))

Maia said...

I love it!! That's really nice!

Wanda said...

Great work! I love a beautiful journal and this is truly lovely

MargaretR said...

That's a lovely Celtic Journal cover. I hope you let us see some of your sketches too?

Sally H said...

Really, really lovely! I have loads of celtic knot stamps if you want to fill up any little gaps once it is finished x