Sunday, 18 October 2009

Another Island

Please excuse the continuation of our Scottish island hop but it gave me chance to get to grips with my Cannon. Usually we holiday on the bike so my faithful little Fuji goes in a pocket but being in a car gives me the chance to concentrate more on the photos.

So, (please stop here if looking for stitch, there will be some in my next post, honest!!) here are the moods of the Isle of Skye.

isle of skye

isle of skye

isle of skye

isle of skye

isle of skye

isle of skye

isle of skye

isle of skye

isle of skye


Sally H said...

Gorgeous photos! Very atmospheric, particularly the one with the fog creeping in.

Woolly Bits said...

nothing wrong with a few photos of skye! only that I would like to go back sometimes and suffer from an acute bout of "wanderlust":))

maggi said...

Fantastic pics, thanks.

Wanda said...

Hey..I LIKE travel pictures! And yours certainly look like you are getting the hang of the new camera! Great shots!

Gina said...

Stunning photos

LOve and hugs Gina xxx


I ticked cool and interesting because I loved some of those moody grey skies ... stunning photos. Nice to see places I will probably never get to ...

Julie said...

Stunning photos Sue and they make me want to go back to Skye too, it's been a long time.

Weird said...

Sooo beautiful! I want to go there, too... Please post more pictures, I don't mind that there's no fibre on them and I am sure many of your other readers agree! :-)

Best wishes,

Laura Neal said...