Tuesday, 10 November 2009

playing catch up with TAST

Hi all, I'm still off work with the nasty cough and cold thing. So I've been tucked up with a hot drink, paracetamol, needle and thread.

Here are four more of the Take a stitch Tuesday ATCs, knotted buttonhole stitch. shisha stitch, satin stitch Yuk,Yuk, and buttonhole wheels.

I will announce the Monster winners tomorrow as soon as Biker Ted gives me two numbers between 1 and 39 so keep your fingers crossed :-)

My creation



Really hope you feel better soon. Don't do too much, just rest xx

Julie said...

Sorry you're still under the weather Sue. Hope you soon feel better.

Sally H said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery, Sue. Love your ATCs, especially the wheels and the satin stitch x

Woolly Bits said...

get better soon! btw, I love the green leaves on the dark green base, reminds me of fresh fern fronds on green moss:))

Wanda said...

Hope you are feeling better. Do you drink alot of peppermint tea? I love revisiting TAST! Your TAST pieces look so beautiful. I love the material!