Saturday, 5 December 2009

Acid dyeing with steam

Hi, I can't take any credit for this method as I followed instructions from the following links.
I must say though, if you use a steamer do keep an eye on the water level as excess water in the fleece will drip down and may cause it to overflow and do not use the steamer for any food preparation.

Video instruction

useful sites

I hope you found these as useful as I did.

We spent this morning being jostled by large crowds at Lincoln Christmas Market, far too many people ignored the one way walk round directions and we gave up once we had bought the three presents that were on our list and retired to the local bike shop for a cup of hot chocolate!!


Textile Art Showcase said...

Thannks for the links Sue - very interesting and much appreciated. We went to the Christmas Market in Paris last week - it was so cold and windy I wondered how the stall holders could be there all day. We desperately needed the lou but could we find one anywhere? NO - we had to get the metro and go back to our hotel!!! I bet your local bike shop has a lou!!

Julia Moore said...

I am writing in regard to your interesting steamer set up. I just use a canning kettle with a wire basket turned upside down in the bottom to raise the packet I am steaming up above the 1 inch of water in the bottom. I also put heavy circular pads of newspaper under and over my packet to absorb extra moisture and also put a heavy towel over the top of the pot and then put the lid on, with some bricks on top to hold in the steam. The towel keeps the droplets of water that form on the underside of the steamer lid from dropping back down into the pot. Your dyed rovings are gorgeous!