Monday, 8 March 2010

destash failure and other boring bits.

Ok, you remember the BIG destash effort of a few weeks ago? I managed to throw out quite a bit and donate fabric etc and was feeling quite good about it until last Wednesday when I took a bag of magazines in for the stitched up group and promptly filled the bag with two big books :)

Still, I will enjoy looking at them hehe

I've spun and knitted two samples ready for the next spin session and the white merino is almost finished.
blog 071

which do you think works for lace
this 2 ply

blog 064

or this 3 ply
blog 066

both spindle spun. I thought I would try and keep the colours separate but definitely think the 2 ply looks better .

On the home front, we now have two new very basic printers , one each to save any argument and make it easier on the ink supply, as we have excess cartridges for both of the old printers. So if anyone is still running and Epson 760 I have some spare ink if you want it.

Also we have now had to remove the door handle from the front room after the handle/catch mechanism jammed trapping Ian and Biker Ted on the wrong side.... I was on the kitchen side with the tea and the kettle :-)


maggi said...

Definitely prefer the 2-ply although that may be because the piece has more texture. The books look exciting.

Monika said...

I like 2-ply for lace better. Those books look interesting too. Happy reading!

peahen said...

Definitely prefer the two-ply too - colour-wise and texture-wise. It's surprising how much more pronounced the lace effect is.

Laura Neal said...

How are the dpns treating you? If you can't stand them, try two circular needles for in the round knitting. I prefer using my Addi Turbos to knit socks with. No worries about losing the yarn, it slides to the center and holds the stitches. :)

Anonymous said...

Nicely spun! I like the two ply for the open-ness of the lace work personally. Both look nice though. ;)

Wanda said...

How long were Ian and Biker Ted stuck on the other side? ha ha The books look very interesting! Sorry...I'm no help....both the 2 and 3 ply are pretty in their own way. And who did you have dinner with the other day?

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Gorgeous. Prefer 2ply.