Sunday, 11 April 2010

a bit of this and that

Hi, this post was going to be about the Red Marley Freak hill climb but as I don't have any photos sorted I will have to leave that post until later.
So what have I been doing apart from work and watch old motorbikes try and get up a 1:3 hill? well, I visited Wollaton Park which is just outside Nottingham. The sky was a bit threatening but the flowers were cheerful and the deer unaffected by weather.

wollaton Park
wollaton Park
wollaton Park
wollaton Park
Wollaton Hall

I rashly made this comment'' looks fascinating but this is one hobby I definitely do not have enough room for!!!'' a couple of weeks ago, forgetting that I had several small weaving looms in a cupboard
So here are my toys :)

spears weaving loom 2 and 1
spears weaving loom 3
spears weaving loom 4

of course, I had to play!!
spears weaving loom 4
spears weaving loom 4

I hope you all had a good weekend and I will be updating the previous post comments with the answers to the objects beginning with C

Thanks for reading :-)


maggi said...

Lovely photos. Those weaving looms bring back memories. I returned home from college one holiday to find that my mother had either thrown mine out or given them away - think she was trying to get rid of me really!.

Julie said...

Beautiful photos, especially the daffs - stunning! I keep looking in charity shops for one of these looms but no luck up to now.

Sally H said...

Great photos. There might be another loom like that in my dad's loft! It was great to see you and Biker Ted and Ian last night. Been trying to spin but I'm not very good! I will have to practice a lot before I can show you!!!

Wanda said...

beautiful nature pictures! That loom brought back so many memories. When I was young, I really wanted a loom like that! I don't recall ever getting one but somewhere I did get to work on one. Maybe my cousin had one or something. I still sometimes think I need one!!

Janet said...

A Spears loom was my very first, purchased in a toy shop in 1975.

Guzzisue said...

My first loom wasn't a spears but I remember it had holes at the back to put the thread through that had pink plastic stoppers

Maia said...

The weaving loom is lovely!!! :)