Tuesday, 13 April 2010

New Bobbin Lace Magazine

I received this magazine through the post a couple of days ago. It is a free copy of the first issue of KanT@Brugge and contains pricking for 7 designs. The accompanying letter was in French and instruction re no of pairs of bobbins and thread is in French and Dutch with Dutch working instructions for one of the designs, the others seem to have standard 3 colour working diagrams. There are just ten pages as there are no advertisements or articles, just the lace prickings and photos.
the link to the shop in Brugge that has produced this is here.
kant@brugge lace magazinekant@brugge lace magazine

More about the one of the designers Martine Bruggeman ,


maggi said...

That is one fierce looking cat.

Wanda said...

This looks like a very neat magazine...sort of like the "next generation" magazine! Could you follow the instructions anyway?

Sandra said...

Ah, Brugge. I've always wanted to visit Belgium and Brugge especially.