Sunday, 4 July 2010

spinning update

OK, here are my latest spinning efforts.

Polwarth dyed by Babylonglegs.

blog 288

spinning 001

spinning 006

Shetland dyed by Wheeldale Woolcrafts plyed with white merino

spinning 009

Ravelry are currently running Tour De Fleece which is a personal challenge that runs along the Tour De France. For the duration on the Tour De France, you undertake to either knit an object, spin a given amount etc. You set your own goals for this so I'm just going to try and spin everyday.
The first day was Saturday so Wikkidknitter and myself headed to Wollaton park to start the challenge by spinning in public.
We nearly fell off the starting block when we spotted the carrot cake and the start was delayed somewhat but we soon recovered enough to do some spinning and an impromptu demo to adults and children in outdoor cafe area.

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blog 322

We had a really good day which was rounded off by a little dragonfly looking insect landing on my finger, just not quick enough with the camera and ice creams whist looking round the global market in Nottingham.

blog 318

oh and I seem to have a bucket of fleece soaking outside hehe


Chris Gray said... the colours in the Polworth...they work really well!

Nice bit of neat spinning too :-)

Araignee said...

What an absolutely delicious post. Makes me want to go spin something instead of laying here and reading knitting blogs!

Ruth said...


'Kolai said...

Wonderfully inspirational blog!
Spinning looks great, love the colors!
_Babeth :)

Amo House said...

I love that you do it outside in public, and why not. My daughter and I sew when we're out and about together and had quite a bit of interest in Portugal last year.

Let's get this handcraft stuff out in the open!!