Sunday, 19 September 2010

I'm Back!!

Firstly, thanks for all your wonderful comments about the shop. It's going to be hard work especially for the girls running it but it's a really comfy friendly place and four of us sat knitting after a spinning session there yesterday. We had the wheels set up near the bus stop so spent a lot of time waving at bemused passengers :-)

The reason that I've been a little quiet for the last two weeks is that we had a little run out on the bike, around 2500 miles around Germany and Austria....more about this later.

Will have to dash, dyeing to do, computer ink to buy and bobbin lace equipment to pick up.
Hope you having a great weekend!


Chris Gray said...

Glad you had a good trip!...and the shop looks amazing...especially with all the spinners there :-)

The very best of luck with your venture.

Jackie said... d cover some distance don't you?

bikerted said...

I thought that The Spinners were an Irish folk group. I f I had gone down I would have been dissapointed

maggi said...

What a great advert you were for the shop. Looks like your trip was awesome.

Sally H said...

Can't wait to see your trip photos. Good luck with the shop venture. I will try and pop in next time I'm in town x