Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas! PS. I'm still here, just a little busy

So sorry about not posting since October, Will try and make up for it over the the next few weeks. Things have been very hectic leading up to Christmas and catching the yukky virus hasn't helped! This is the view from our window this morning, very cold but bright.

I've been thinking about how much has happened this year and it's been a really good one with many new friends although not as much motorcycling as usual but Ian and Biker Ted has been having a great time with the Round Britain Rally as usual.

More later :-) have a great Holiday, relax and enjoy it!!


maggi said...

Good to hear you are OK. Hope that you enjoyed your Christmas and that 2011 brings all you wish for.

Chris Gray said...

Havea great end to 2011...

...and an even greater time in 2011 :-)